See below for cartoons or other science-related artwork that I've made for talks or other outreach projects. Note that the thumbnails are distorted or don't all show the full image.

You're welcome to use any of these images, but please credit me if you do. I can provide higher resolution versions of several of the images and individual frames of gifs upon request. For many of the digital illustrations, I'm also happy to provide versions with the image text in other languages, if given a translation and enough notice.

Hubble diagram

This hand-drawn plot was done to try and help develope more intuitive understanding of how type Ia supernovae can be used as standard candles to probe the expansion history of the Universe. [Read More]

ISW animations

These animations were made to introduce the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect for a talk. They depict a CMB photon passing through a gravitaitonal potential well associated with a large scale structure overdensity. [Read More]