See below for cartoons or other science-related artwork that I've made for talks or other outreach projects. (Note that the thumbnails are distorted or don't all show the full image.)

You're welcome to use any of these images, but please credit me if you do. I can provide higher resolution versions of several of the images and individual frames of gifs upon request.

Yo-yo rotation curves

I used these cartoons in conjunction with a live demonstration using a real yo-yo to talk about centripetal force and to explain how galaxy rotation curves can tell us about dark matter. [Read More]

Steps to Vega Darkbite

I’ve drawn a couple of cartoons for Darkbites, a social media based outreach effort through the Dark Energy Survey. They appeared on DES social media accounts accompanied by text describing a fun science fact. Darkbites website [Read More]


This animation was used to talk about recombination. When the universe is ionized light interacts strongly with them and so can’t travel very far without scattering off a charged particle. Once the protons and electrons combine to form neutral Hydrogen atoms, the light is able travel in a straight line,... [Read More]

ISW animations

These animations were made to introduce the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect for a talk. They depict a CMB photon passing through a gravitaitonal potential well associated with a large scale structure overdensity. [Read More]